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Based in Knutsford, Resolve Physio SAC clinic offers a wide range of physiotherapy treatments that help to improve health and physical performance. Find out how we can help you today!

4.5 Average Score from 14 Reviews on

4.5 Average Score from 14 Reviews on

Specialised Physiotherapy for Lasting Pain Relief and Peak Performance

Resolve Physio SAC is committed to reducing and eliminating pain with a proven long-term success rate, using specialised techniques for optimal outcomes. We address a wide range of injuries and enhance mobility to prevent future issues.

With extensive clinical experience, multiple qualifications, and ongoing training, I provide tailored, high-quality physiotherapy focused on your unique needs. My approach not only targets the pain source but also restores the original adaptive course of the injury. Leveraging qualifications and experience in various sports, I specialise in surpassing your previous functional levels, enhancing sporting performance, and promoting overall health and well-being.

High-Quality Treatments

Treatment Tailored to You

Treatment Tailored to You

35+ Years Experience

Martha Oberholster

Martha Oberholster

Why choose Resolve Physio Clinic?

I've been a musculoskeletal physiotherapist since 1988, working with top surgeons, sports teams, and athletes. I've owned and run various private orthopedic, sports, and hospital-based physiotherapy practices. My approach focuses on hands-on techniques, addressing both symptomatic issues and their origins. I target muscle imbalances, timing problems, fascia-related issues, and joint management to correct underlying processes. Retraining and assisting relevant structures are crucial for achieving optimal results.

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  • Martha has been brilliant at helping treat my daughter`s severe wrist pain. Her approach was very personable, especially when dealing directly with a 10 year old in pain. The guidance provided was clear and reassuring, given that the cause of the injury was not obvious and we could see good improvement at each appointment.

    Vishalen Ungapen
  • Martha provided prompt assistance when I experienced a painful calf tear. Her professionalism and expertise were exceptional. I have successfully recovered and resumed participating in sports.

    Tim Hatton
  • What a difference it made seeing Martha to address the back pain I was having; Martha was very thorough, exceptionally knowledgeable and without doubt made a huge difference after I had long experienced sometimes very unpleasant, persistent pain.

    Robert Geddes
  • The most fantastic treatment. Thorough attention to detail and she knew exactly what needs releasing and working into to fix my injuries. Felt very looked after and not rushed at all.

    Alicia Robinson
  • Martha fixed me!! I was in agony with pain in my shoulder and neck. Not something I usually have. She managed to squeeze me in last minute and she was fantastic. I’m so relieved. Thank you

    Kate Weaver
  • With 5 weeks before the London Marathon, I suffered a knee injury which I thought would end my marathon dreams. Thankfully I found Martha! She diagnosed me at our first appointment and got to work straight away, using a variety of techniques that ensured my knee was ready come race day.

    Jacqui P
  • I have been seeing Martha for about 3 months. Martha is absolutely amazing. Honestly. I have two damaged discs ones slipped a lot. I was getting pain all down my leg. I was in a real mess. Everything was painful. Range of movement was so limited. Martha has helped me so much with careful assesments, hands on and accupuncture.

    N G
  • An amazing physio experience, really helped get over a concussion with simple and easy to do exercises, but which really worked to get back to pre-injury activities fasted than expected. Also had a great and nerveless first experience of dry-needling.

    Ben Sanders

About Resolve Physio Clinic

Resolve Physio SAC aims to help reduce and eliminate pain not only for the interim but also has a long standing success rate and uses a multitude of very specialised techniques for the best outcomes.

Physiotherapy can be a great aid in your road to recovery from a wide range of injuries, as well as helping to avoid injuries in the future through the improvement of the body's mobility and movement function in and leading to the injury-prone areas.

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