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Based in Knutsford, I offer a comprehensive golf screening management treatment specialised to improve golf performance, manage and reduce the risk of injuries.

Martha Oberholster

About Me

I have been qualified & have been working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist since 1988, during which time I have been involved with many top surgeons, sports teams, rugby tours, cricketers, triathletes and owning & the running of different private orthopaedic, sport & hospital based physiotherapy practices. My expertise & successes are based on a hands on approach and viewing the patient not only for the symptomatic problems, but in finding the origin of the problem. With this approach, it will address & correct the assisted processes that naturally happen in support of the symptomatic & objective signs & symptoms ie, muscle imbalances & timing problems, facia related problems, over use & under use around joints management. Retraining & assisting the structures involved, are of vital importance to achieve this goal.

​Due to my Golf, Tennis, Netball, Cycling, Athletics & Dance back ground, I believe, great musculoskeletal techniques, interstitial & anatomy train fascia approach in treatment, core stability, sustained suppleness & strength through yoga, pilates & S&C type programs in rehab, the patient will have the a best outcome. This holistic approach will give & enable the patients/athletes to return to their functional levels or full sporting levels. By including a return to function/sport program they can achieve an even stronger and higher level, than before regardless of the pathology invloved. When rehab and retraining is maximised, it will compliment physiotherapy treatments and help to reduce recurring symptoms by usding a team approch. Your dreams does not have to stop due to an injury or a diagnoses or an X-ray image. It is up to you as patient to work & drive hard to reach your dream. Resolve Physio will be next to you to assistance & guide you on your journey to recovery.

​Let us help you reach your Goal!